Meet & Greet

Dr. H. G. Koshia - Commissioner - Licencing Authority (Drug) & Commissioner Of Food Safety, warmly hosted with his team, the delegation from Global Indian Trade & Cultural Council-USA, Leadership teams from CoolSoft LLC Louisvelle, KY USA & EpicMinds Services LLP Bengaluru KA India. Dr. Koshia presented the visiting team the contributions made by the State of Gujarat FDCA globally and the future aspirations of the State of Gujarat. He also mentioned the growth drivers and the Gujarat FDCA Initiatives that act as positive catalyst for enhancing and improving Indo-US partnerships.

Mr. H. S. Panaser - Founder & President - Global Indian Trade & Cultural Council, USA. Mr. Panaser, talked on Pharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturing emphasizing on joint ventures, mergers both for generic and prescription products, API. He also talked on new software and usage of AI and ML in the healthcare sector. He has a strong network of Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists and other Financial Consultants. India has a very experienced and qualified pool of people who can assist in Formulation Product Development, Compiling dossiers for product registration for markets worldwide, API DMF, SOP Writing, Clinical Data Management, Validation protocols etc. at a very competitive cost. These costs will be affordable by many small and medium scale companies, thereby making them competitive commercially.

Mr. Panaser also talked about starting a government private partnership for spearheading campaigns on Drug awareness in border states to fight widespread drug menace in India under corporate social responsibility following the US model. Harinder also appreciated the Gujarat Government's initiative under the Vibrant Gujarat Campaign under the leadership of Mr. J P Gupta , IAS, Principal Secretary who visited USA just recently.

Mr. Anand Krishnamurthy - Founder & President - CoolSoft LLC Louisvelle, KY USA & EpicMinds Services LLP Bengaluru India, Member of Global Indian Trade & Cultural Council, USA. Mr. Anand presented the technological accomplishments made by his companies in the Pharmaceutical and other relevant domains. He made the delegation, aware of the positive impacts in healthcare / agritech his ventures have brought in USA and India, working with Federal Government USA and Government of India. Mr. Krishnamurthy mentioned key applications delivered by his companies which have helped farmers in India in getting better pricing for their harvest and ease of doing business. He also mentioned about the work done by his companies in pharmaceuticals and health insurance sectors in the USA.